Women Life Freedom Art Exhibition

Sept 17th, 4:00 - 6:00 PM

California State University Long Beach

The Pointe Conference Center

Admission: Donation

Long Beach, California - Collective Action of 24 Independent Iranian Women Organizations is pleased to announce its upcoming art reception/exhibition, featuring a captivating collection of contemporary artworks with the theme of "Woman Life Freedom" from talented artists across various mediums. This reception / exhibition on September 17, 2023 promises to immerse visitors in a world of creativity and innovation on the resistance and resilience of Iranian women in the diaspora.
Exhibition Details:
The art show is inclusive of many creative patchworks with curation of Dina Asna and paintings of five Iranian American woman artists, Shahla Bebe, Jenik Cook, Pegah Samaie, Noura Gabai and Mojan Mozaffari (Artist and curator of the exhibition) with the theme of Women's Life Freedom and invites art enthusiasts, and the community to explore a diverse range of artworks that reflect the spirit of the Woman Life Freedom movement in Iran. For more information, please contact zanancollectivewomenconference@gmail.org or see the website of the conference (In Persian) http://www.zanancollectiveactionconference.org.This art reception is part of the conference on the anniversary of Mahsa/Jina Amini's death in state custody which ignited Woman's Life Freedom movement in Iran in 2022 and is dedicated to promoting and supporting the resistance arts, fostering creativity, and creating a platform for artists to share their unique voices with the world. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional one-day exhibition.